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In Italy we still talk about the wines Low Histamines, an article published in the magazine 
"Natural style" 

following article English translation

(English translation)

When a glass of wine is a pleasure without any side effects

Did you ever, after a few glasses of red wine, to have an unexplained headaches? Probably you are intolerant of histamines a nitrogen compound diffuse in the organism that has an important role in response to antifiammatorie and allergic actions, as well as in gastric secretions and in some brain activity. For several years, researchers, doctors and nutritionists have studied histamine intolerance to food-related demonstrating that in many people cause even minor problems such as headaches, itching and nausea.

Low Histamines - Explain Sebastiano Ramello, spokesperson for the brand founded by him 4 years ago - has launched a major experimental and research work in the field by analyzing, through Italian laboratories recognized by the Italian government, wines from different wineries. For the first time the world has begun to talk about food intolerance linked to wine and has come to identify the level of histamines that can be tolerated by those who generally do not tolerate them at all.

The work carried out by Low Histamines is particularly significant if one considers that most of the food histamines are present in the wine, especially the red one, since a normal wine contains an average of from 4 to 20 mgg per liter. They have been so born wines self-certified Low Histamines with a content of less than 0.5 mg / liter and where it is kept intact the quality of the final product. Wines self-certified and recommended for wine sensitive. The first wines with these characteristics are two DOC and one DOCG from Piedmont region, Langa territory World Heritage Site, the winery Veglio Michelino & Figlio di Diano D'Alba (CN). So the pleasure of wine remains so and you can finally say goodbye to unpleasant side effects.

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