sabato 4 giugno 2016

On the Italian magazine LA REPUBBLICA, Afafri & Finanza, we talk about wines Low Histaines 
Sulla rivista italiana LA REPUBBLICA, Affari & Finanza si parla dei vini Low Histamines

(English italian translation)

arriving from the Langhe, by the winery Veglio Michelino & Figlio from Diano D'Alba the first wines selected "Low Histamines" with a histamine content of less than 0.5 mg / liter (normal red wine has a histamine content varies average from 4 to 20 mg / liter). The wines are Dolcetto d'Alba Doc 2013 and Barbera d'Alba Doc 2013, products with natural means, without the use of chemical fertilizers in the soil, following the entire production chain (12 months), and while maintaining the high quality of the wine and the characteristics that come from the territory of origin.
Thanks to research carried out by the International Wines Consultant Sebastiano Ramello, with Low Histamines, speaking for the first time in the world of food intolerance related to wine. 
The certified wines "Low Histamines" explains Dr. Eugenio Franzero, nutritionist and  food intolerance expert from Turin: - are particularly suitable for people intolerant to histamines, a major cause of headaches caused by red wine, and more specifically migraines. although it is usually labeled as an allergic reaction to histamines, the headache is, in effect, also due to a food intolerance-.
Today in the world more than 20% suffer from these disorders, and 80% of people with intolerance belongs to the middle-age group. 

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