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An interview with the Association Low Histamines a USA lady histamine intolerantand wines sensitive, after drinking one of the recommended

Ms Janet Pishnery, 49 years old, from North Royalton,Ohio, U.S.A, said to be wine sensitive and histamines food intolerant, for many years she can not drink wine, because it causes her various problems including headaches and migraines.  
She gave an interview to after drinking and tasted the wines recommended by the Association Low Histamines dedicate to wine sensitive and histamines food intolerant. 
Result: after drinking the recommended wines Low Histamines, did not have any discomfort. 
The following interview...........

I am janet Pishnery, 49 years old, from North Royalton, Ohio, U.S.A.
After reading a post on Facebook about 3 months ago entitled, "Your migraines could be linked tohistamine sensitivity" did I realize this could be the reason behindmy chronic migraine syndrome.  After reading the information, it all madesense to me.  I quickly researched the high histamine food list andrealized I was eating all high histamine foods daily.  This came as asurprise to me, because not only do I eat only whole grain gluten-free andvegan foods, but only high nutritional foods.  As for the winesensitivity, for years no matter what kind of wine it was, I wouldalways get the same symptoms:  severe migraine, congestion, nausea, musclepain and stiffness.  So, I completely gave up on it along with any othertype of alcohol, because it wasn't worth the suffering for three days afterconsuming it.

 How did you discover that you are intolerant to histamines?  Immediately, the next dayafter reading that post on Facebook I changed my diet to eating onlynon-histamine to very low histamine foods due to the fact I was suffering froma horrible migraine that refused to leave me for four days.  By the nextmorning, I barely had any pain left in my head, neck and shoulders.  Sincethen, I strictly stick to the low histamine foods and have found it's improvedmy life significantly.  All the swelling in my joints has disappeared andI only get a slight headache from a change in barometric pressure in theair.  I have to add, that I do suffer from seasonal allergies such asgrass, mold and pollen.  So, this past month I've been taking aanti-histamine for help in dealing with those problems, as well.

 Have you had a medical examination to determine a histamineintolerance and, if so, what kind?  No, I have not had a medicalexam to prove that I have a histamine intolerance.  I have found with myexperience with doctors that most of them follow a certain protocol ondispensing medication without really looking into what is truly the sourceof the problem.  I'm not one to take drugs, especially knowing they allhave horrible side affects.  Therefore, I thoroughly research healthieralternative ways to fix my issues.   So, when I realized all I had to do was change up my diet to lowerthe histamine levels then I simply tried that first and it worked! 
 The low histamine blog also mentioned that most people who have a histamineintolerance are missing two important enzymes to break down the histamines inthe body when consuming certain foods.  I researched companies who madethese enzymes with people having much success in taking them and I decided toalso add them to my daily diet.  I'm very sensitive to high levels ofBromelain, therefore, I only take one capsule of Ortho Molecular Natural D-Hista day.

 Have you tried one of our certified low histamine wines?  Yes, I was very excited togive the new low histamine wines a try, although I have to admit, I was soworried about getting a migraine that would last for days.

Which of the two wines have you tasted:  Dolcetto D'Alba Doc LowHistamines 2012 or the Barbera D'Alba Doc Low Histamines 2012?  Since they are both red wines, Idecided to try the Barbera D'Alba doc  since it was fruitier to my taste of the twoand not a dry one.

 Did you experience the same symptoms as you did with other wines you havehad in the past? Surprisingly, No!  After the second sip, I had a slight runny nose that dissipatedquickly after wiping it.  I completed one glass of wine without anycongestion, nausea, or migraine.  I was elated!  Even the nextday, I had no muscle pain or stiffness of any kind.  I felt my normalself, but happier due to the fact I can now enjoy a glass of wine with myfamily without the pain. 

 What is your opinion of our certified Low Histamine wines?  I feel it is an awesomeaccomplishment!  Especially, for people who enjoy having a glass of winewith friends, dinner or just to relax with can have that again withoutsuffering from horrible consequences. 

How do you feel about the research that went into developing these Low Histaminewines?  I'm truly grateful for all of the hard work that went into creating thesetwo wines and making them low histamine for people who are wine sensitive andhistamine intolerant.  For us, we can finally enjoy a little part of lifethat brings us happiness again!

 Do you feel you will continue to drink our wines?  Absolutely!  I wasfortunate enough to come in contact with a wine distributor in my area who willkeep it in stock at a local wine store near my home.  I've just learnedfrom the wine expert Sebastiano Ramello that they are also working on creating a low histamineMoscoto wine as well.  I'm awaiting that with great anticipation since Iprefer the more sweeter wines.  From now on, I will always keep theLow Histamines wines on stock in my wine rack!
 Do you know many people intolerant to histamines and also sensitive towine?  Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm married to an Italian and both him andhis entire family all suffer from headaches and other symptoms after drinkingwine.  Two of them deal with histamine issues, as well.  I have manyfriends too that have stopped drinking wine because they don't want theheadache that follows it.  So, I firmly believe that your Low Histamines wine creationwill be a welcomed gift in many homes once the word gets around.      

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