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Interview on Italian television, talking about the wines dedicated to wine sensitive and histamine food intolerant

In TV studios in Turin - Italy, talking together with the wine expert and spokesman Sebastiano Ramello, a new revolution in the world of wine. Wines dedicated to wines sensitive and histamines intollerant. He explains that the first 2 wines in the world certified, are both two DOC  from the region of Piedmont, in Langa territory in Italy.

Sebastiano Ramello speaks:

Arrived in the studios of Italian TV Videogruppo - Torino, under the beautiful Mole Antonelliana, symbol of the city of Turin, together with the president of the association Low Histamines, surprise, surprise, I was interviewed together with the oenologist Osvaldo Veglio, owner of the Winery Veglio Michelino & Figlio (Historical winery fifth generation in the heart of Langa) by Massimo on direct 18:30 (17.04.2015) on Torino, about my work as an international consultant in the world of wines, Italian wine ambassador and spokesperson and researcher LOW HISTAMINES association, which sets itself the task of doing research, follow the wineries to produce and certify wines low in histamines, with histamines less than 0.5 mg / liter, dedicated to wine sensitive and histamines food intolerant.

The first part of the interview was based on my work in the world, including Europe, Asia and the Americas, to go immediately to our research dedicated to wines sensitive , started few years ago.
By now at least 20 years there is increasing discussion of food intolerance, which bring together an ever increasing number of people, especially among the younger generation, but little has been mentioned intolerance related to wine. Wine is part of the food, considering that only 40 years ago in our countryside (Italy) the peasants were accustomed to drink wine as a food energy to support their efforts to work the land.

Just this thought along with other factors have triggered the idea, then design and finally research group My first thought (about 5 years ago) was: "the wine being food, may have the same characteristics of the food, then in an intolerant can create the same problems?"

In the same period, I received daily high quality wines from all over Italy to be with me tasted, selected and inserted in the world. Tastings that are used to doing with my staff and my family. My mother every time he tasted the wine, especially red, he felt a headache and migraine. After a medical specialist linked to food intolerance has been found to have an intolerance to histamine, which we immediately connected after a brief search to headaches after drinking wine.

These were the two main factors that triggered in me the project and search wines low in histamines. Project that has been developed over the years with the help and expertise as winemaker Veglio Osvaldo and Marco Marchisio, after analyzing wines from different Italian regions, I discovered two DOC Piedmont with extremely low natural values ​​of histamines in their winery Veglio Michelino & Figlio, a Dolcetto D'Alba Doc 2011-2012-2013-2014 and a Barbera d'Alba Doc 2011-2012-2013-2014.

Veglio Osvaldo and Marco Marchisio were instrumental in the research field, with them I realized, following and taking care of the entire chain of production as lower naturally further histamines to bring them under the 0.5 mg / liter, and thanks Veglio Osvaldo stabilize.

A wine low histamines, under the 0.5 mg / liter over be a wine almost free of this compound, and thus also help those people who are sensitive to the wines, and intolerant of histamines, you can enjoy a good glass of wine, to act as a natural product, as it once did with strength in most modern systems of winemaking. Because in order to obtain a wine low in histamines, the plant should be followed and taken care of every day, helping with natural fertilizers, eliminating chemicals in the vineyard, doing a good and careful thinning of the bunches when needed, eliminating the not good berries most in the last month of ripening, harvest fast so that the bunches and grapes are not crushed and so begin a first fermentation in the baskets, where you can delete the stalks before processing, a manic cleaning the basement and machinery and many other conscious processes.

Many people in the world have an intolerance to histamine unknowingly.

Try sitting at a table, perhaps during a dinner with wine tasting along with a dozen friends, asking if anyone when drinking wine, especially the red one, the leaves a feeling of headache or migraine, which can be more or less strongly depends on the individual sensitivity to histamines, and you'll see what a surprise in the response, certainly at least 2.3 people they will say that they suffered from headaches after drinking a glass of wine regardless of quality (certainly a wine of low quality have higher histamines than a wine of good quality). Today with the search and wines Low Histamines, we want to get to be seated at a table where no one has to suffer from headaches, drinking a good glass of sweet nectar of the gods.

Veglio Osvaldo wine maker and winery owner speaks:

As owner of the Winery Veglio Michelino & Figlio, I am happy to have followed the search Low Histamines, and now have two of my wines certified, because it helped me to conquer a new market and penetrate more lunge some markets including the U.S.A.. The wines certified Low Histamines, brought my winery to increase sales in the world.

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