mercoledì 8 novembre 2017


From November 10 to 14 you will be able to taste the first wines doc and docg selected and certified LOW HISTAMINES from Langa, Piedmont region Italy, by the winery Veglio Michelino & Figlio/ Wine Selection Sebastiano Ramello during the MERANO WINE FESTIVAL Area Gourmet Stand 9  AREA GOURMET ARENA Stand 9 Association Consortium  and Association of Producer.

We look forward to telling you our story, and researching food intolerance related to wine.
"Low Histamines" deals with the selection and certification of Igt, Doc, Docg and Bio wines with a content of less than 0.5mg / liter of histamine, which thanks to their quality and uniqueness, as has long been proven by many doctors, nutritionists and food intolerance experts, can also be suggested to wine sensitive and histamine food intolerant.

Currently the first Low Histamines guaranteed wines are:
Langhe Chardonnay Dpoc 2016
Dolcetto D'Alba doc 2015
Barbera D'Alba doc 2015
Diano D'Alba doc 2015

you will be able to recognize Low Histamines wines from the Certification Mark, Orange Capsules, Gold Medal Wine Selection Sebastiano Ramello, which guarantees the quality of wine, and a collar label with a short history of wine

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